Energy Medicine

energymedThe concept of life force, or subtle energy, is a very old one. The Chinese call it chi, the Japanese ki, and the Indians prana. All living things are much more than physical energy.

Energy Medicine is a safe and natural approach to promoting total well-being. Energy medicine looks for the cause of discomfort; it does not merely mask or treat symptoms.

I use a variety of techniques to work with the subtle energies of your body. The goal is to help you create an internal environment that promotes health and healing. Many imbalances respond to energy for correction. For example, stress, whether physical, mental or emotional, responds very well. Energy can be used to release blocks in the electromagnetic field, restoring balance to the muscles, nerves and connective tissues.

Using a very simple form of kinesiology, we determine your individual needs by communicating with your body’s innate intelligence. With this technique, we can review your specific needs such as supplements and/or herbs, what types of treatments will work best for you, how often you need services, etc.

My belief is that individuals heal themselves. To me, the doctor energymnor practitioner may provide assistance or guidance, but you must take an active role in improving your health. The desire to take responsibility, to stop relying on someone else to “heal you,” and especially to change belief patterns that are encouraging disease and distress, are key components to the healing process.

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