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A massage with Joyce is a real treat for your senses!  She uses the highest quality essential oils, and the experience is soothing and rejuvenating.  She encourages her clients to live healthy lifestyles, and is knowledgeable and so friendly.

Joyce will help you tap into your inner self.  She really cares about your well being and helping you achieve your personal goals.  She is patient and caring all in the same breath.  You won’t find anyone better to help you get in touch with your body!

I was so grateful to find Joyce for my massage therapist when moving to the area five years ago. She is the best of the body workers I have used over the last 30 years.  She always is attuned to my body's needs and chooses the oils that work best for me on my "massage day."   If I win the lottery the first investment will be in more of those days with Joyce.

Joyce is great.  She is truly a gifted healer.  The Raindrop Technique is very calming and cleansing to the body.  The Lymphatic Massage is very healing to the body.  Joyce takes her time with me and always asks the right questions and has helpful suggestions with the essential oils.  I always feel rejuvenated each time I leave and am very comforted by Joyce's personality and I know she really cares about my health and well being. 

The best massage to heal what’s aching you!

This is a unique massage that helps draw out all impurities, I felt like a new woman!

I truly wanted to find out what my body was saying – with Joyce, we were able to tap into my inner self.  Thanks for helping me heal my body with natural ingredients!

"I swear by Joyce's lymphatic drainage massages. They're not only relaxing, but I've found them to be great preventative medicine. No colds in two years of regular appointments!"

Every month I get a lymphatic massage or Raindrop Technique from Joyce which has helped to keep me healthy.  Joyce uses premium grade essential oils which enhance any treatment you might choose. Joyce is truly interested in the health of her clients and has been a reliable and knowledgeable partner in keeping me healthy!

I came to Joyce with a certain level of doubt about what she was telling me about the massage benefits and after a few appointments I couldn't believe how much better I felt and how my body responded to the Lymphatic massage. I now stand corrected and a believer.
Sybil - Apex NC