reflexologyReflexology uses specific hand techniques to apply pressure to the feet to provoke stress relief in the entire body. Stress in one’s life can contribute to disrupted sleep, personality problems, and many physical medical conditions.

The reflexes in the feet are "reflections" of body parts. Reflexology techniques relax pressure sensors in the feet and interrupt stress patterns in body parts, thereby triggering a relaxation response throughout the body. It also helps to move and eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

While we do address specific concerns during the session, Reflexology is a holistic treatment, so it works best when aimed at the whole person.

Reflexology is quite relaxing - and relaxation is the first step to restoring balance in the body (homeostasis), so that all organs and muscles can return to a normal functioning state.
One hour sessions are recommended.

Vita Flex Technique

Vita Flex is an ancient Tibetan healing technique brought to the United States in the 1920’s by Stanley Burroughs, who called it “Vitality Through the Refelxes.” It uses a specialized technique to stimulate the body’s electrical system. When used in conjunction with pure essential oils, the effects are amplified.raindropoils

As with Reflexology, the technique benefits the whole body and mind. There are more than 1,400 Vita-Flex points throughout the human body, encompassing the entire realm of body and mind, that are capable of releasing many kinds of tension, congestion, and imbalances. Vita-Flex taps into and supports the body's self-regulating system to allow rapid healing.

Vita Flex is also an important component of the Raindrop Technique.

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